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This Amaryllis was a Christmas gift from my son's girlfriend's family, and it turned out to be my favorite Christmas gift of all.

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I am looking forward to seeing that lovely bench in place.

Follow-up from Last Week: The "Other" Amaryllis We got an inquiry from Ripley about "the other Amaryllis", namely Florist's Amaryllis or Hippeastrum: Thanks for your article and pictures today on Ace. At end of summer it started to grow and grow with both leaves coming up.

This nursery has some pears that are adapted to the Southeast. Meanwhile, the ornamental pears are starting to bloom here in the San Joaquin Valley. Not recommending them for Weasel because he's in the East, where they can escape into the wild.

Love, Greek Gods and Pythagoras Giving your sweetheart candy for Valentines Day?

But you should read the whole thing if you plan to make this a project.

UV-protected windows likely cut down quite a bit on light available to plants like this, Ripley.

The floppy leaves you got are likely related to this.

Getting these plants to re-bloom indoors seems like a lot of work to me.

One of my girls mistook it for a candle and tried to light it!

Thankfully, the attempt to set it aflame did not kill it. I took some photos at 24-hour intervals to show how quickly it was growing, literally overnight.

But they are hardy outdoors with protection here in the San Joaquin Valley.


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