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So fellas: you are not surrendering your Man Card by seeing this film.

' I was like 'No.' So Kevin passed [the script] off to me.

I read it, I loved it and I was like how can we make this work? "Gabrielle was somebody that I wasn't close to prior to this project," says Packer.

I’m usually left wanting more in terms of cast, script, story, or all of the above.

But as a smart, sexy comedy, garners a rave from me.

Both of them are comfortable in their own skin, and can dish it out as well as they can take it from the rest of the guys. This is no rom-com with some dumpy funny dude or nondescript whining girl carrying the film.

These people are gorgeous, sexy, charming, burning-up-the-screen hot.

As time went on, he had more hits than misses as a marketing VP over at Atlantic Records, where he took T. from King of the South to King of the Rap World–no easy task with the star in and out of custody through much of his career.

But this is my reason, not one of my Top 5 reasons for you. You will love this movie whether you love or hate Steve Harvey.

[Black Tree TV - Los Angeles] We sat down with the cast of Think Like A Man this past weekend, A conversation with Kevin Hart set the stage for Gabrielle Union to join the cast.

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