Fun dating ideas for married couples

Visit a museum or art gallery Pick one that you both think sounds interesting, and see what new things you learn.6.

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Fun dating ideas for married couples

Give one of these a try this Valentine's Day — and then use the others for regular date nights with your spouse, and see how much closer you become.

For most of us, getting married and having children dramatically reduces the number of dates we have time, money and energy to enjoy with our husbands.

Go on a dinner cruise A delicious dinner while surrounded by water and stars — need we say more?

Or, if this doesn't fit the budget at the moment, spend the evening planning the details of a future vacation, and then start saving so you can take it.5.

Are you ready to get out of your comfort zone (just a bit) and come up with some healthy and fun date ideas? What kinds of active, healthy and fun date ideas have you and your husband tried?

If so, here are 16 ideas to help you get started: • Take a hike – walk the trails at a nearby park or nature preserve. • Take a walk and stop for a cup of coffee or light snack. Please share them in the Comments – I would love to hear from you.

Just coming up with fun date ideas seems to take too much energy!

And when we do have a “date night,” it typically involves sitting or eating or both.

Go hiking If you go often, go to a new spot you've been wanting to try together. Play tennis It's a date and a great workout all in one.15.

Go swimming Find a heated pool or some hot springs or hot tubs and relax.16.

Bonus: Yoga is also a great way to transform your sex life.

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