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Singles at Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church Clive Campus. Sacred Heart Catholic Church, 1627 Grand Ave., West Des Moines, meet 2nd Monday of the month at 6pm. Selective Singles, monthly social events and parties. Singles Again 515-277-9986, PO Box 5226, Des Moines, IA 50306. The last thing to go from the diet was oil two years ago.

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However, a heart scare the following year kicked the diet into overdrive prompting he and his wife Shari to adopt those 'extreme' eating habits.

The man who ate ice cream before bed, indulged in smoked brie and cheddar and always had a slab of meat for dinner traded those foods for vegetables and said, 'now I put sweet potato in everything.'Doug said: 'I was a bakery trainer for Wegman's so I can bake anything from croissants to cakes and I would have that on a day-to-day basis.'Now the couple's favorite meals are Buddha Bowls with rice, quinoa and vegetables and Mexican bean burritos.

For those taking the challenge and anyone else thinking about switching diets he said to remember that with plant-based you can eat as much food as you like.

'It's nutrient dense but not calorie dense so you can eat a lot more food and still lose weight,' he said.

*PWP: Capitol City Chapter 319, 2nd and Euclid, lower level of Park Fair Mall, 515-243-4586.

DOMINICK (Catholic Singles): 712-276-4029 Loners on Wheels, Singles Camping Group, Monthly Campouts, 712-233-2363. Weekly meetings Fridays 7PM, Market Place Mall, 3022 Hamilton Blvd. Emmanuel Baptist Church, 10100 Metcalf, large singles group, lots of activities. Church of the Resurrection United Methodist, 6545 W. Meets every Thursday at 7pm, call 913-897-0120 for more information. He has two children of his own and four step-children, three of who have slowly began adopting their parents' lifestyle.Though Doug and Sheri's transition was drastic, it was not gradual by any means.His favorite snacks include roasted potatoes dipped in mustard and roasted fingerling potatoes.Doug considers his heart attack a blessing and only wishes he had made this lifestyle change earlier. For information for teens, adults, seniors, call 1-316-522-8866 or Area Singles, P.


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