Dad dating form

It's just after midnight and I need to stop procrastinating, I need to make my move. Brian wanted sex the entire time we dated, but I kept putting him off because even then I had formulated in my mind exactly how I wanted to lose my virginity, and it wasn't to him. I realized later though that it might not be a bad idea to get that painful first time out of the way with him before I moved on to better things. He married my mom when I was ten and my sister, Melissa was fourteen.

The reason I'm planning to seduce my dad is for my mom.

Sounds twisted I know, but here's what is going on.

I overheard my mom talking to Aunt Sandy about her sex life.

She said she'd hoped when she married Brody her problem would go away, but she still doesn't like sex.

So over the past few months I've transformed myself from an innocent young teenager to a sexy eighteen year old seductress. I made the most of my time with Brian, learning everything I could. I'm proud that we look enough alike to be sisters instead of mother/daughter.

I've even started flirting with Dad the past couple of months. He seemed a little uncomfortable at first, but lately he's been flirting back a little. Mom is a registered nurse and left for her shift at the hospital an hour ago.

I bend down and start licking him, keeping my hands to myself for now.

I trace his length a couple of times, then suckle the head.

It curves slightly toward me, like it's calling to me, and I obey.


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