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Snap some pictures of the colorful Spirit Houses build over the graves of the deceased-a custom that came from the melding More...

Forty minutes from downtown Anchorage lies Eagle River Nature Center, a gateway to Chugach State Park and a glacial river valley as wild and dramatic as any in Alaska.

Enjoy an easy, 3-mile nature walk on the Albert Loop or trek up-valley 5 miles to see plunging waterfalls and 3,000-foot cliffs.

During your ride you’ll see amazing mountain views, drive by waterfalls, and gorgeous rivers.

Or if you want to stretch your legs, you can pull over near mile 102, take a short hike, and touch a glacier!

Russian Orthodox missionaries came here in the early 1800s, and you can still see St.

Nicholas Church, the oldest standing building in greater Anchorage.Watch dancing, listen to stories, meet carvers and explore recreated winter dwellings.The setting is so small and intimate that visitors are sometimes even invited to join the dancers on stage.It’s fun for the whole family—anyone ages 5 and up can do this trip—and you’ll be going with one of Alaska’s most experienced tour companies.Looking to break up your drive with a jog or bike ride?The falls often freeze in winter producing ice-sculptures.


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