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Akbar, legend has it, was furious and had the lady entombed outside the fort.Whether this story is fact or fiction, a modest tomb stands in Lahore believed to have been built by the lovesick prince (in 1615).There are conflicts among the scholars on the authenticity of Anarkali's incident.

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The story of Anarkali is not mentioned in the Akbarnama nor in Tuzuk-e-Jahangiri.

It was first mentioned by an English tourist and trader William Finch in his journal, who visited India on 24 August 1608.

Anarkali or "Sharrafunnisa" though cemented behind the wall by the order of Akbar, was released by Akbar on request of Anarkali's mother "Jillo Bai" as Emperor Akbar promised Anarkali's mother one wish in her life.

Thereby Anarkali escaped through a secret route through the outskirts of Delhi and then went to Lahore and lived there till death. It was in Lahore that Prince Salim set eyes upon Anarkali ("Pomegranate Blossom", she was Akbar's favorite dancing girl).

Muhammed Baqir believes that the so-called tomb of Anarkali actually belongs to the lady named or entitled Sahib-i Jamal, another wife of Salim and the mother of the Prince’s second son Sultan Parvez, and a daughter of the noble Zain Khan Koka. The mother of Sultan Parviz was not a daughter of Zain Khan Koka but the daughter of Khawaja Hasan, the paternal uncle of Zain Khan.

Of course, subsequently, the daughter of Zain Khan was also married to Salim, on 18 June 1596. (Akbar) was displeased at the impropriety, but he saw that his heart was immoderately affected, he, of necessity, gave his consent." The translator of Akbar Nama, H.The earliest western writers of the love affair of Salim were by two British travellers – William Finch and Edward Terry.William Finch reached Lahore in February 1611 (only 11 years after the supposed death of Anarkali), to sell the indigo he had purchased at Bayana on behalf of the East India Company.The story was originally written by Indian writer Abdul Halim Sharar and on the first page of that book he had clearly mentioned it to be a work of fiction.Nevertheless, her story has been adapted into literature, art and cinema.It is recorded in Akbar Nama that Jahangir "became violently enamoured of the daughter of Zain Khan Koka. Beveridge, opines that Akbar objected to the marriage, because the Prince was already married "to Zain Khan’s niece" (actually the daughter of paternal uncle of Zain Khan, and hence his sister). But we do not know the date of death of the either of these two wives of Jahangir. Nath argues that there is no wife of Jahangir on record bearing the name or title of Anarkali to whom the emperor could have built a tomb and dedicated a couplet with a suffix Majnun.


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