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Snorkel among multicolored fish and relax in the lush vegetation.

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Stay in direct contact with nature and admire the amazing views of the Riviera Maya.

Portrayed by the rivers and the Caribbean sea, the junior suites provide a comfortable experience for a relaxing vacation, in complete harmony the surrounding nature.

Shops, art galleries, cafes and Puerto Vallarta's famed nightlife are just a short ride away.

All of this, at the best quality, at one All-Inclusive price.

The center of activity is a lush tropical garden courtyard with three sparkling swimming pools, a cascading waterfall, swim-up bar and even a resident iguana.

For friends and family getaways or a romantic couples retreat, there are numerous exciting activities for day and night; water sports, tennis on lighted courts, Spa, fitness center, yoga and Kids Club - they're all here.

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In this luxurious tour you will be surrounded by the enigmatic jungle at Xenotes.


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