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Specifically the San Francisco Bay Area—which has some of the highest single men to single women ratios,” writes Trulia’s Mark Uh. women have master’s degrees), and Boston was ranked one of the best cities for finding love in a Coffee Meets Bagel study due to the balanced population of single men and women.A study by Trulia reveals that the best place to find an educated, single woman interested in dating is Washington, D. Then there are the amusing tidbits: According to a survey on the dating site Coffee Meets Bagel, Chicago is one of the best cities to visit if you’re looking for a tall, wealthy man.

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More highly educated people tend to delay marriage and are also more inclined to use online dating to find a parter.

found that 70 percent of the single population go on at least one date a month with a new person in the city, with 27 percent going on two or three.

Simply starting your search in a vibrant city can make a world of difference.

“Career opportunities bring young, single people to a city, so a city with startups and a thriving economy will mean that there are more young professionals looking for a romantic partner.

All my friends from high school asked, ‘Why are you going to a college that’s literally known for being the final resting place of fun? But at the end of the day, all these fears were pretty unfounded.

It’s true people are really into the whole ‘life of the mind’ thing at UChicago, so as a result you have people who are interested in some pretty obscure intellectual interests.

Plus, the rapid number of new restaurants and bars has made it easier for young singles to meet organically, with 23 percent saying they met their significant other IRL.

Chicago, Illinois On Bumble, Chicago sees one of the largest percentages of matchmaking swipes than any other city in the U. Badoo, one of the largest dating websites in the world, also found Illinois (and specifically Chicago) to be one of the chattiest places in the U.

San Francisco, California In Trulia’s single study, San Fran ranked the highest in eligible single men (meaning they’re not married or never have been, work more than 40 hours per week, are between 20 and 40, and have at least a college degree).


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