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“It was like falling in love,” says Aino while we’re eating lunch under a parasol at a hotel in West Hollywood the day after the concert in Anaheim.“It was so cool, the way we were drawn to each other straight away and started talking about music.Prior single, “Brightside,” produced by MSTR ROGERS (also a collaborator on “Someone Who Can Dance”) and Louis The Child’s Freddy Kennet, is celebrated by a cinematic music visual following a dance-party nightcap in an empty Los Angeles restaurant in Chinatown, featuring impressive choreography and some of the chicest vintage and designer looks self-styled by the fashionistas themselves. Icona Pop” (via Record Company TEN/Big Beat/Atlantic Records) in 2013, the duo have been featured in the hit HBO series GIRLS; alongside live performances on NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, NBC’s The Today Show, ABC’s Good Morning America and CBS’ Late Show with David Letterman, and America’s Got Talent; and sold-out worldwide tours supporting Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, and One Direction.

Aino can’t stop laughing, still holding the sole in her hand and demonstrating how she stumbled about trying to make it look like part of the routine.

The stage costumes are off and now it’s all about jumpsuits and black jeans.

The Swedish electropop act’s single “Girls Girls” (co-written with their close friend Tove Lo) bounces with the familiar energy that we have come to expect from Icona Pop.

Another recent collaboration with Chicago duo Louis The Child, “Weekend” boasts an i Tunes Dance Top 10, 4.5 Million streams in the US and a live Coachella performance.

Suddenly she’s standing there with it in her hand, looking sideways at Caroline to see if she’s noticed.

She shakes her head at the chaos, and just keeps going.

A few minutes later we’re standing in the small backstage dressing room.

Miley Cyrus has just taken the stage and you have to scream to be heard.

I was walking round thinking, ‘This is killing me, I have to do something,’ and then we met and everything fell into place. It was just the feeling before we had any music, and we were terrified of losing it.

The following morning we were knocking back whisky in the strobe lights in the basement of Berns.” “We were dancing away and said something like, ‘we should try writing together’. I was at your party yesterday....’ Then I just went round with my laptop. The track was called ‘Sheriff came to town on a big black horse’ and was very Tarantino–esque and trashy. ’ I had really hoped that it would be the same feeling as the night before, and it was.” Two days later, Icona Pop booked their first gig at Mosebacke in Stockholm, and sold out. We went round saying, ‘you’re going to miss the world’s best band’ and ‘people will remember this gig’,” says Aino. But we had taken over the world back then.” The song “Manners”, with lyrics like “You don’t just leave a girl without a clue like it’s up to you,” and “You better reconsider ‘cause you will never do better”, was signed by record label, Kitsune Maison.

This is the story of Icona Pop, Sweden’s biggest musical export by far right now.


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