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Today’s statement follows the trend of Saudi Arabia and Israel working quietly but unambiguously to begin establishing open diplomatic relations.

When this inevitably happens, Saudi will be only the third Arab country to have relations with the Israeli regime, the others being Egypt and Jordan.

In the case of Syria, Damascus is a historic Soviet ally and in the case of post-Ba’athist Iraq, the government looks to attain defense independence by working with a Russian state which unlike the US, is willing to sell arms to any reasonable nation without political preconditions.

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By including Turkey into the mix, one cannot say it is a “Shi’a crescent” and likewise, by including both Turkey and Iran into the northern Middle East, it is neither Pan-Arab.

The same is true when it comes to including Israel in the southern portion of the alliance, which is very much where Israel is.

As Saudi Arabia and Israel each fall in the southern zone, it is only natural for the two countries to make their de-facto alliance public.

This demonstrates that any theoretical differences between the state ideologies of Zionism and Wahhabism are largely inconsequential.

This is something that the Arab world saw positively and Israel saw negatively.

After 1979, the Israeli propaganda narrative was modified to be “The Arab world Iran – Egypt versus us”.In both cases, shared strategic goals of undermining Arab nationalist states and the Islamic Revolution in Iran have taken precedence over perceived ideological differences.In his statement, Israeli military officer Gadi Eisenkot admits to a south versus north divide.Analysis — The Chief of Staff of Israel’s military has confirmed to a Saudi newspaper, that the Israeli regime is now prepared to share intelligence with the Saudi Arabia on matters concerning Iran.While some will doubtlessly feign shock at the announcement, it is merely a confirmation of what most regional observers have felt was the status quo dating back a number of years, albeit one which has intensified lately.The alliance between the northern Middle East powers and the alliance between the southern Middle East powers are not formal blocs in the sense of the Warsaw Pact and NATO which divided most of Europe into east and west.


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