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But if you act on that, falling into a relationship or have sex, then it’s considered a sin.” “I dare to say on behalf of all Islamic gay people, we do have a feeling of burden.” Hafiz’s sentiments are contested by Amir, a 27-year-old Muslim-Malay engineer.Having studied in America for three years, he explains that his “horizons were broadened” by his experiences.“Decades of social engineering within the education system, national media and government departments, coupled with policies favouring the Malays as the indigenous race, has resulted in a conservative, conformist mainstream population,” he said.

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My date Hafiz, a 24-year-old lawyer, explained: “In Kuala Lumpur people are considered more liberal, and the younger generation is a lot more accepting.

“We’ve been opened up to LGBT ideas in the media, in songs and movies.” After about 40 minutes of navigating through Kuala Lumpur’s notorious Friday traffic, we arrive at the wedding venue.

The prime minister, Najib Razak, recently compared gay people to ISIS.

Senior Islamic clerics make headlines condemning their lifestyles.

They smile as I say hello with a mouth full of rice.

All of them work in the legal field, alumni of a special class who spoke openly about sexuality.

I'm dating a Malay,muslim guy for more than a year now.

I'm a christian chinese, my parents don't approve of our relationship to the point that my dad don't allow me to continue to study at the same school as him.

To a fanfare of traditional music, the bride and groom make their way to the stage, sharing blessings with relatives.


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