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Like many retired generals and admirals, Flynn moved to the private sector, opening a small consulting firm.

The Defense Department’s inspector general is investigating whether former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn improperly took money from foreign governments after retiring from the Army, the latest sign that the disgraced retired general could be in serious legal trouble.

The investigation was made public Thursday as part of a set of documents released by Rep.

“A filing that omits material information is, from DOJ’s perspective, an intentional violation of the statute [prohibiting lying].” Problem 2: taking office while being a foreign agent The other key question is when Flynn’s lobbying activities ended.

If he stopped lobbying for foreign governments in November 2016, as he said in his March FARA paperwork, then he’s probably fine.

And it’s not clear that he actually did all of the required steps.

According to Vladeck, this raises at least four separate legal questions — each of which, if borne out by the DOD or House Oversight Committee, could raise serious legal questions for Flynn.Elijah Cummings, the top Democrat on the House Oversight Committee.In an April 1 letter to the Republican chair of the panel, Jason Chaffetz, the Pentagon inspector general said his office was looking into whether Flynn had “failed to obtain required approval” before accepting those payments. Cummings also released a 2014 letter in which the Pentagon explicitly warned Flynn that there were restrictions on what he could accept — even as a retired officer — from a foreign government.Chaffetz, the Trump-friendly chair of House Oversight, released a withering letter on Thursday based on the documents his Democratic counterpart Cummings disclosed. Flynn violated 37 USC 908 by accepting compensation from foreign governments without obtaining consent to do so,” Chaffetz wrote in the note, directed to the secretary of the Army.Chaffetz flatly accused Flynn of violating laws barring retired military officers from taking foreign money without permission from the Pentagon. Even if Flynn were found guilty, the punishment would be relatively light — a suspension of his pension payments from the military.But if Flynn lied on his paperwork about his foreign governments, or even continued to work on behalf of foreign interests while serving as national security adviser, the issue becomes much more serious. it’s a slap on the wrist,” says Steve Vladeck, a law professor at the University of Texas who studies national security law.

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