validating numeric values in c - Salman khan dating katrina kaif

The actress never really opened up about what went wrong between Ranbir and her.

Many even hinted that the couple was on a break and get back together soon, but reports of RK Jr’s Delhi-wali girlfriend cleared all the haze.

Here are five signs that hinted a reconciliation between Salman-Katrina…

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The new single and extremely hot Katrina Kaif braved all personal questions and went about her work.

She handled media and the nosy paparazzi with grace.

While there were reports about the two getting married soon, the recent buzz suggests that Salman has finally called it quits with Iulia.

According to the media reports, the couple is having trouble in their paradise for a while now.

The actor however decided to green light Ali Abbas Zafar’s film with Katrina. Was this Khan’s way of showing Katrina that he’ll always be there for her? Just think about it, nothing was working out for Katrina on personal and professional front. Buzz was that Katrina’s film with Fawad Khan under the Dharma banner would be affected post her last film’s fate at the box office.

Salman certainly showed us that he has Katrina’s back always and they share something very special.#That commercial break!

The duo had the cutest exchange on social media, when the actress debuted on Facebook on her birthday.

And the way Katrina spoke for both Salman and herself in a recent interview – it spoke for itself!

Remember how Salman had joked that Katrina could have been Mrs Khan at Arpita Khan’s wedding last year?


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