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We use Office 2010, but the Access database is an older version.I'm not 100% how much older, but the file type is mdb.This is how they did it before they had an in house IT person, and I don't know enough about databases in general to want to change their setup.

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Delete queries are useful, not only because they can be linked to a button on a form, thereby automating the deletion process, but also because they are much quicker than manually deleting the records in an open table.

There is nothing special about creating a delete query.

The HR secretary, or occasionally the company receptionist, will enter the original data.

The HR Director and HR Specialist will then review and update the data.

They enter data directly into the spreadsheet as opposed to using any kind of form.

The only reason they use Access instead of Excel is because of the ability to run reports.

Finally the Office assistant will code each applicant based on the review.) Recently they have noticed that random records in the database have simply ceased to exist.

The timing and data that's missing is inconsistent.

That network instability could cause the sync to fail and therefore the data never actually appears in the database.

I don't know of any instability though, that could account for the rampant and widespread chunks of missing data, nor does it make sense to me that much later entries would randomly disappear from that.

The following example will delete all of the bookings records which relate to before 1 April 2005 and which have been fully paid.

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