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In the “Before a Task is Assigned” section, add a “Set Task Field” action.Select the Vendor field from the list of Task fields and select the Current Item: Vendor field from the fields displayed in the Current Item.Click on the form name to launch Info Path where we can edit the form.

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I was recently working on a project where the customer wanted to use the default Share Point Approval workflow, but they wanted to include some additional information on the Task Approval form so that the “approver” did not need to navigate back to the Share Point Document library to get the key information required to approve or reject the request.

In this particular scenario, the customer wanted to add the Vendor name and the Invoice amount fields.

Here we want to add two new Task Form Fields by clicking on the New button.

Add a field called Vendor as a single line of text. After completing these steps, publish the Workflow again to persist these changes.

Having customized Approval forms in the past that were related to Share Point custom lists, I thought this would be relatively straightforward; it turns out that the process is a bit different between lists and document libraries.

To get started, you will need to open Share Point Designer and navigate to the appropriate Share Point site. He has 15 years of consulting experience designing and developing browser-based solutions using Microsoft technologies.Experience over the last 8 years has focused on the design and implementation of Share Point Intranets, Extranets and Public Sites.Edit the Workflow and click the Approval task name as demonstrated below.Next, select the “Change the behavior of a single task” option.Allow Info Path to save a local copy as part of the Publish process as shown below.

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