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At WCW Uncensored on March 24, 1996, The Booty Man beat DDP with The Booty Babe at ringside.

Pre-match stipulations stated that Page would regain The Booty Babe with a win, but quit wrestling if he lost.

Page and Sullivan wrestled at WCW Bash at the Beach on July 16, 1995.

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His signature move was a high knee (a homonym of “hiney”).

With The Booty Babe as his manager, The Booty Man entered a brief feud with Page.

Page’s then-fiancee, Kimberly, made her WCW debut on April 6, 1991, on After a year-long hiatus from WCW due to a torn rotator cuff, Page resurfaced in December 1993 with Kimberly by his side.

As Page’s one and only valet, she became known as the Diamond Doll.

After Badd left WCW for the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in March 1996, she became The Booty Man’s valet under the name The Booty Babe.

The Booty Man’s gimmick was that of a man infatuated with his own buttocks, shaking it on the way to the ring and during matches.

Their showdown came with an added stipulation: if DDP won, he takes possession of Ralph.

After training on a playground with a bunch of children, Sullivan beat Page to win a date with the Diamond Doll.

It was eventually revealed that Kimberly actually had the winning bingo card, but Page snatched it out of her hands and claimed it for himself. After stints escorting Badd and The Booty Man (who called her The Booty Babe) to ringside, she returned to Page’s side in March 1997 when he battled “Macho Man” Randy Savage.

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