Dating at work is it bad

This will help to minimize awkwardness around the office. Breakups are hard and the emotional processing can be difficult for some people.

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Heck, a California court decided that a boss-reporting staff member relationship amounted to sexual harassment for the employee's coworkers. As long as you employ whole people, you get it all.

And, you don't even want to hear about the impact of extramarital affairs on the interaction of affected families with coworkers, the workplace, or employee gatherings and events; it is never positive or happy. But, his family has never attended another company event - because the other woman might be there. You get the professional performance, the personal issues, and everything messy in between.

They don't want to unknowingly cross some secret boundary line and injure their work status and career.

In-the-know employees understand that some policies in their workplace are unwritten, but all employees are expected to understand workplace norms.

Consider how it might look during a discrimination lawsuit if you fired an employee who had an affair with a member of your senior team.

I have even dealt with a sexual harassment suit for an affair that began as a consensual relationship, but for reasons too convoluted to relate here, became a legitimate claim when the employer unknowingly changed their reporting relationship.But, I also believe that an employee-friendly, specific fraternization policy is necessary to spell out the limits and parameters in today's workplace. Here's my recommended fraternization policy that attempts to honor the rights of both employees and employers. The most common cliché is that of the boss with his secretary but there are many other examples of work-based relationships, from the snog at the Christmas party to getting frisky in the supplies cupboard.Work-based relationships aren’t always superficial and it is almost inevitable that at some point in your career you’ll develop a crush on someone at work.I am not in that camp because I believe that professional lives and private lives are separate - as long as the employees keep them that way.


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