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Since you’ll be wearing light armor most of the time anyways Travel Light will help you move around rapidly.

But really if you’re going sneaky you might as well enjoy it – get your hands on as many explosive munitions as you can.

Set mines in the path of enemies, plop ticking explosives into an enemy’s pocket and just generally blow them to pieces.

Every now and again it’s fun to just want play a character that is about as non-violent as possible.

Oh sure, it might not have the charm of finishing every battle with a slo-mo decapitation due to a shotgun blast to the face, but there’s something special about conning people out of their money or seducing everything on two legs.

Then simply raise up your stats to meet the requirements for each conversation and talk your way through life.

Strength: 4 Perception: 5 Endurance: 4 Charisma: 9 Intelligence: 9 Agility: 5 Luck: 5Tagged Skills Speech Barter Survival Traits Good Natured Four Eyes Perks Intense Training 1 INT Educated Black Widow / Lady Killer Cherchez La Femme / Confirmed Bachelor Terrifying Presence Animal Friend (Rank 2) Tag!

(Weapon skill of choice) Comprehension See comments The main purpose of this build is to enable you to use basically every single dialogue option you can during the course of the game.

If you can seduce someone into siding with you, use your speech to convince someone to pay you more caps and Terrifying Presence will let you intimidate your way through many encounters.

Years of meticulous scheming to place a mole at Camp Mc Carran - wasted.

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