Updating modem firmware

So I need to know - is it possible to update modem firmware myself?

So they say for sure that within 48-74 hours the modem should in fact receive the current firmware thats out and everything should be fine...

2 hours later i get a phone call saying hey the firmware you have is the most current and there is no other firmware available for your modem ....

I have also bought nothing but retail modems and have had my firmware updated in the past by Charter. It is reported the Intel Puma 7 chipset is fine and does not have the bugs reported with it, but those modems are so new it is possible Charter may not yet support them.

Try looking at the SB8200 anyhow if you like Arris, otherwise look at Netgear models, but don't have one with the Intel Puma 6 chipset.

Just got off the phone with a spectrum, formerly twc, representative about updating the firmware on my modem which was released about 2 or 3 years ago. All over the internet im reading that this modem and other modems have updated firmware that fix some issues regarding vulnerability and stability with the modem and the isp's line..

Although there are newer versions of firmware out there, SPECTRUM may lead you to believe that the new firmware hasn't been approved or tested or released to them.

but for people that notice it its 100% a deal breaker to stick with a puma 6 modem.. my SB6141 has been online for about a month now and spectrum hasnt updated it.. it also seems to be holding the old 45mbits plan even though im pretty sure the tech support said it looked like I was on the 60mbit plan. instead they issue us with some sort of 8x4 modem, outdated, made from recycled water bottles, in the shape of a direct tv cable box, with no custom wifi..

wow if only these ISP's supply the type of modems we buy , and then pushed firmware updates to keep the devices running optimally...

Don't expect any firmware updates to your own purchased modems any time soon..


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