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The conversation would begin with questions like, “Where are you from?” move to PTSD assessments like, “Do you have trouble sleeping at night,” and finish with phrases that would boost the soldier’s mood before he left: “Tell me what you’re most proud of.” Complex?

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Enterprises can start with a simple, scripted version and can evolve over time.

But they need to make sure that the vendor they choose allows them to grow.

Probably not at all, at least not compared to the linguistic skills of Google Now or Alexa. Researchers found that, across a couple of studies, soldiers revealed more PTSD symptoms to the anonymous therapy bot than they did even to the anonymous written survey.

One would think that a bot, so obviously rendered with a graphical fidelity no one would possibly mistake for real, would be a lousy replacement for an actual person. None of the studies above make the bold claim that their bots could defeat an anonymous, empathetic, flesh and blood psychologist in a head-to-head contest.

It could be texted, or called, or Facetimed at any hour of the night, never too tired to lend an ear, never too booked to take an appointment, and hopefully, never too expensive to stop someone from getting help who really needs it.

The problem is that there are a lot of scripted bots out there that are sold as something bigger.

Mention your family, and it might say, “tell me more about your mother.” The psychologist bit was funny to Weizenbaum, until he found his subjects actually requested to Post-Deployment Health Assessment (PDHA). She’s essentially a psychologist rendered in video-game graphics, with brown hair, a soft, slight smile, and a racially ambiguous face.

In the past, research has found that soldiers, knowing that PTSD can affect their own military careers, will share less on a PDHA test they know will be seen, and more on an anonymous version. Her garments are a simple a cardigan sweater and slacks.

The natural language processing technology embedded in the chat bot enables it to not only understand the words, but also the customer intent.

The VA acts like a guide taking customers on a tour of the website, providing answers, and even helping in their shopping decisions.

It provides the frontline support so your customer service staff can concentrate on more complex tasks.


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