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Certain textbooks for children and adult classes may to be purchased by the students.

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Our goal is to create a positive and safe learning environment within the Atlanta Persian School and the Persian Cultural Center.

To that end, students and teachers are required to respect the rights of one another.

Classes begin at am on Sundays, in accordance with the academic calendar.

Persian language classes are comprised of three segments with a 15-minute recess from am to am.

We believe that regular and continuous parent-teacher communication is the most effective means to improve the overall experience of the student in the school.

It is also the best way to avoid behavioral or academic difficulties.

At that time, the parents’ presence may be required at the following class or group activity session.

Upon the third warning, the student will be removed from the class and/or group activity.

Parents are strongly advised to prohibit students from bringing to school large amounts of cash and/or other articles of considerable value.

The use of cell phones, electronics, and the like are absolutely forbidden during the class time.

Teachers are available for questions and comments at the school on Sundays or during the week via email.

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