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Instead, Cross is an intent and careful listener, and unlike Bree, who wears a smile so fake a diamond couldn't scratch it, she often breaks into peals of hearty laughter.

"She does a kind of whoop with her laugh that you can hear all across the soundstage," says Felicity Huffman, who plays the beleaguered Lynette on Housewives.

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Cross's pregnancy is not being written into the show — the plotlines were established too far in advance — which means her burgeoning belly has to be hidden from view.

She's been wearing more sweaters on camera, though now "we're just shooting chest and above," she says.

Adds fellow Housewife Teri Hatcher: "We have a lot of jokes about what to hide Marcia's pregnancy with.

A few days ago, we used an entire gingerbread house."Now that Cross is expecting, her face and figure are fuller: Her breasts, she exclaims, are "ginormous." The extra curves make her look more approachable and vulnerable than the sewing-needle-thin ladies of Wisteria Lane.

"Bree is a master at hiding how she feels; with Marcia, you know what's going down right away.

She wears her heart on her sleeve."At one time, that was almost literally true.

“Then Luann made it clear, if I don't put on those rose-colored glasses on with her, I was losing her! But now I feel great.”Sonja says she, Tom and Luann are “back on track” and “three peas in a pod” now.

Your Love Never Fails) is the story of Laura (Elisa Donovan), a working mother who just wants to spend more time with her daughter Kelsey, 9.

She might miss out on marriage, but no way was she going to miss out on being a mother.

Which is why, when she was sent the script of an ABC pilot called Desperate Housewives, she wanted to read for a small part, that of Mary Alice Young, the deceased narrator."I thought it would be a great part-time job for a single mom." Cross flashes a smile and then says, "Obviously, it didn't work out that way."Obviously not.

"I was definitely heading toward becoming a therapist," she says now.

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