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Lorca called these moments his 'dramones' ('big dramas')...” (xx-xxi)“My own feeling is that Lorca's best work, both the plays and the poetry, puts us in touch with our emotions and reminds us forcefully, in a world ever more computerized and machine-controlled, that we are an integral part of Nature – a Nature that all too often we tend to forget.

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Certainly, the poet not only believed that he had inherited Jewish blood from his mother, albeit pretty watered down, but expressed his satisfaction at the fact that his second surname linked him to a town in Murcia with significant Jewish antecendents.” (11)“Even more precocious was the appearance of the Garcia musical ability.

'Before Federico could talk he was already humming folk songs and loved to listen to the guitar,' his mother recalled.

It is hard to imagine, at all events, that the suspicion of having Romany blood in his veins, from whatever source and no matter how diluted, would have been a matter of indifference to the author of Gyspy Ballads.” (7)“...

La Fuente belonged to the Duke of Wellington, a circumstance that set these people apart from the rest of the inhabitants of the plain and gave them, perhaps, through their contact with the Protestant English, a broader view of life and the world.

Vicenta, was was musical herself although she played no instrument, encouraged in her child the development of what was quite clearly an innate disposition.” (13)“Lorca wrote to a friend in 1932 that his mother, although she gave up teaching on marrying, never lost her vocation and taught 'hundreds of peasants' in Fuente Vaqueros to read.

Vicenta got along well with the numerous Garcia relatives she acquired as a result of her marriage, and, like them, deeply admired Victor Hugo, whose works, following the example of Grandmother Isabel Rodriguez, she used to read aloud to the servants and anyone else who cared to listen.

A photograph taken when he was twenty suggests a personality in which seriousness, sensitivity and determination blend smoothly...

Tolerant, sensible, measured in his judgements, a fine horseman, always willing to lend a hand to others, with an innate dignity, a good sense of humour and complete lack of pretentiousness, Garcia Rodriguez was respected by all who knew him.

But whatever explanations may be offered, the fact remains that Fuente Vaqueros was different from the other villages of the Vega.


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