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There's a micro USB Type-B port for charging, and an indicator light that glows white when the device is on, blinks once when the Sprocket is turned on and twice when a job is sent to it, and glows red when there is an error.

Connectivity is limited to Bluetooth, as is also the case with the Polaroid Zip.

Unlike the Sprocket, which prints out a photo in a single pass, the CP1200 takes four passes, one for each color—feeding the paper through, pulling it back, and then feeding it again—to complete a print, as is typical of thermal-dye small-format photo printers.

The Sprocket's print quality was unimpressive in my testing, similar to that of the Polaroid Zip.

There was obvious banding (a pattern of faint striations) in the background of several prints.

Quality is okay for quick snapshots to hand out to friends, but it's nothing special.

About half of the prints were of drugstore quality, while the others fell below this standard.

Colors, especially reds, tended to look muted, and there was a loss of contrast in some bright areas.

Timings for individual prints ranged from 39 to 46 seconds.

This is faster than the Canon Selphy CP1200, which I timed at about a minute over a direct connection to a computer, and 1 minute, 32 seconds, over a direct wireless connection.

Zink paper is only available in a limited range of sizes, and the Sprocket exclusively uses 2-by-3 wallet-size sheets with a peel-off sticky back.


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