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Roy, being the wonderful drunk that he is, forces Hikaru to join himself, Misa, and his love interest Bridge Operator Claudia for drinks.

He then drunkenly goes on how Misa should adjust her behavior while off duty in a speech that would probably cause many Women’s Studies majors and enthusiasts to lynch him.

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So why is it that this movie hasn’t been licensed yet? Macross, here, is better known as the 80’s TV phenomenon that is Robotech.

Among anime fans this series has its own legendary history.

On the Zentradi end they managed to procure a Minmay doll, which they continue to be pussies about and start freaking out even more when it begins singing. Nonetheless this does not bode well for either Hikaru or Minmay who get bitched out by their individual parties on the bad PR.

For Minmay she simply got a slap on the wrist from her manager, while Hikaru gets chewed out by none other than superior officer, Misa Hayase (who seems to show a slight shred of jealousy).

The Macross TV series fell very short of this (at a mere 36 episodes…sigh…if only Cartoon Network existed back then) so Maecek decided to take two completely uninvolved series produced from the same Japanese company (Southern Cross and Moesepeda) and adapt them all into one continuity.

Since Macross was the series he intended to bring over it had the least plot and characterization changes made to this.

As such, outside out of a badly dubbed, heavily edited release, this movie has NEVER seen the light of day in the U. The movie opens up in the vast depths of space were the SDF-Macross (this large battleship that has the ability to transform into a giant robot AND has a city inside of it) is engaged in a space war with this alien race called the Zentradi.

Now in the TV series the Zentradi were depicted as an alien species that only differed in size and skin color, here they are depicted much more organically giving them a much more intimidating feel.

It’s not an exaggeration that even by today’s high quality HD standards this movie holds up pretty well.

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