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The fact of three cities and rural areas opens up a new possibilities, I want it to have area 69, jetpacks and aliens, drop the serious tone, people just want to have fun.

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saw some of the promotional art, and there's a good amount of interesting things I found in some of them. Should be Preview of the game.

- One had a dog in it (I'll bet you all saw that one), which is not something that's been seen in a GTA game. - There was one that had a female cop in it (new for GTA, I believe), and the car shown on the bottom of the image looked a lot like this: net/vehicle.php? I like the Michael and Franklin, but I don't want to play as a psychopath.

It's been officially announced by Rockstar, everyone!

The second trailer is coming Wednesday of next week (11-14-12)!

-The game may include pets, female ploice officers, airships/blimps, etc.

I want the rebla, chavos, feroci, calvalcade and contender, they where really good cars!

This will make a simple act of stealing a car an interesting, unpredictable challenge.

The world should be more alive-thinks like traffic jams, car crashes, fights on the pavement, other criminals, people needing help, that sort of thing.

It be revolutionary if you good go in every building, not just limiting the action to outside. The Getaway doesnt have the "reputation" GTA games have.

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