Dating and masters degree

Finally, you may wish to carry out the work using smaller time slots such as those discussed in the previous section.

You should also bear in mind the importance of choosing a subject that you are really interested in, otherwise the whole experience may seem like a chore, especially as you will be making some sacrifices in relation to your lifestyle.

The purpose of this article is to provide some inspiration and to suggest some strategies that can help maintain a happy work-life balance during postgraduate study.

The important factor to bear in mind is that doing work little and often can turn out to be just as productive.

The key issue here is to maximise your time to your best advantage, be productive and be prepared to make adjustments to your study schedule, which in some cases may mean not studying on a particular day at all.

After being at work all day, it can be daunting to spend a couple of hours reading material that demands a lot of attention and often this time can be unproductive, especially if you are tired.

In such cases it is very often necessary to change your plans and fit some reading in another time.

If there is more than one piece of coursework that needs to be completed then it will be crucial to consider any clashes of deadlines and how you are going to work around those.

Completing the work in phases Completing the coursework in phases is an effective time saving strategy.

Sharon How is currently undertaking a part time Ph D in Health Psychology on a distance learning basis at the University of Teesside and has also worked as a seminar tutor on the Health Psychology programme at the University of Warwick Medical School and as a research methods tutor at the University of Coventry.


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