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One thing I do remember is that my crib was too small for my body, and there were many other young children.After five years, I was transferred to a private foster home that was like being part of a family.

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After I was found, I went to live at the Beijing Children’s Welfare Institute.

It’s amazing how little I remember from my early years.

Imagine that…a Caucasian woman who didn’t speak a word of Chinese and didn’t look a bit like me was suddenly my mother. But as a 7-year old girl, I guess everything just seemed like a great adventure. My mom had bought me a dress that matched hers, and from that first moment, I did not let go of her. Twelve days later I flew from Beijing to Texas and met the rest of my instant family: my dad and a brother and sister.

The next ten days we traveled throughout China going through a mountain of paperwork: legal adoption papers, health checks, a Chinese passport, a U. That’s when I was introduced to strange foods, like pizza, and had to learn a new language.

Abandoned, Found, And Loved Adoption Doesn’t Define Me!

My Journey From South Korea To Indiana Full Circle Reflections On My Life Wonderful Indeed! My foundling certificate only mentions when I was found, but someone, somewhere, had to come up with a birth date for me. It would suggest they thought I was about a year old when they found me. Perhaps it has some significance in the Chinese calendar… ” That is the most common question every orphan has to come to grips with. My life has been filled with too many great experiences that I have not been preoccupied with wondering about my biological parents.

I enjoyed my time there and made friends, especially with one girl named Maria.

Little did I know that after two years of living at the private foster home, my life would change forever.

Bethany’s First Open Adoption Reading this document provides a few facts but also raises more questions than I can begin to write down. I do believe that my biological parents loved me because why else would they place me in Tiantan Park, a popular tourist attraction?


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