Who is birdman currently dating

“Toni and Birdman spent some time together backstage,” a source told Us Weekly of the couple at the time.

“They were holding hands.” Although the Braxton Family Values star never commented on her relationship with the “Loyalty” rapper, her mother, Evelyn Braxton, gushed about him during an interview with The Rickety Smiley Morning Show in June. He is full of respect.” Evelyn added: “Ever since I’ve been knowing that man, he’s been phenomenal.” Before being linked to the music mogul, Braxton was married to Keri Lewis.

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“Toni is dating,” Braxton’s spokesperson said, adding that the seven-time Grammy winner “has a new single called ‘Deadwood’ from her forthcoming album Sex & Cigarettes.

It will be released in early 2018.” Braxton and the Cash Money Records cofounder, 48, became acquainted 14 years ago after collaborating on the 1992 track “Baby You Can Do It.” The pair made their romance official at the BET Awards in June 2016.

It's clear they're close friends, at the very least.

In other Birdman-related news, the artist formerly known as Baby is prepping to get his famous face tattoos removed in the very near future.

“I told him I couldn’t lift them in the car, so he sent me these just to make me smile and the big arrangement’s at the house.”According to Braxton, she and Birdman -- whom she’s been dating since last year -- “have decided to take a shot at the romance and we’re dating lightly.” She admits they haven’t gone out on a proper date since her tour began due to their busy schedules.“Luckily for me, he likes to do things that he cares about me, like sending flowers. “He’s an undercover gentleman and he makes me feel adored.” When Braxton’s manager asks if she’d ever consider relocating to Miami, Florida, where Birdman calls home base, she wasn’t 100 percent sure.

RELATED: Toni Braxton Reveals 'Unbreak My Heart' Almost Didn't Happen“I don’t know.He revealed as much through his Instagram account last week."Takin tattoos off my face #livinlegend #lifestyle #RICHLIFE #Bryanwilliams #kali," wrote Birdman in an Instagram post on Thursday (Oct. As far as we know, he still hasn't done it, but we're sure the removal's coming soon.sources, the two of them eloped but haven’t told anyone yet: “They don’t want anyone to know yet.I’m surprised that they even waited this long to do it,” sources added.The two of them are reportedly planning to hold a big reception bash with their friends and family after the fact to celebrate their marriage, but the ceremony itself is already complete.We're happy to hear that these two are still happy together and only time will tell what will come from their relationship.


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