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Professor Cha: We (me, Chantal & What's Her Name) think you should take a ballet class with No-Ra. Would like to see the actor's background in physics worked into the character (as that would help me get one of my students to watch the series). besides your busy schedule you have finish your college education. Please consider my suggestion, I would love to see both of them in a drama or in a comedy episode. variety shows are good way to gain fans as well and for us fan to know the real you. (the 2 characters are) souls destined to be angels for each other..become the eyes to see and protect each other..." Loved the basketball scene, the little sister's sassiness, the food and learning a few words of Korean. Hi lee sang yoon, I really appreciate you as an excellent actor.. not only that you are a college degree graduate and i admire you for that.. I knew he's older than Park Shin Hye but it would be very exciting and interesting to see them both how they can act together in the drama episode like when Joo Sang Wook being paired with her in Kimcheed. I really love Sang Yoon Oppa since "Seoyoung My Daughter".. Although I always liked him as an actor, I absolutely loved him in this drama. Done :) My review of #On The Way To The Airport : Well, they finally made it for their own sake... He lost weight and became slimmer so he looked younger. There was lack of chemistry between no ra and hyun auk. Sometimes writers make the heroine too clueless and it ruins for storyline. I too have act and produced and to find the balance between them is a great strigthn of yours. Haha I did skip back and forth between episodes because i watched it on netflex and often found myself wanting to know whats what ahead of time.

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Kindly release another sets of drama for Lee SY and Kuh HS. Saw him in Liar Game first, where he act so cool and barely show his smile. Never forget his amazing acting with his beautiful smile in drama of seo-young, my daughter. am now looking forward to watch him again in lair game. This Korean drama angel eyes makes me glued to my ch Air when it is aired in tv I hope there is another angel eyes .. These are so supposed to be opposite characters and yet LSY awesomely does. i want to touch ur cheek once..u r tall n handsome.. I've stated from the start that I don't watch much MOVIES OR EVEN TV SHOWS, ESPECIALLY DRAMA.......... SIMPLE, here in the US, it's about SEX, DRINKING AND AFFAIRS!! THE RICH FALLING IN LOVE WITH THE POOR, BUT THE FAMILY IS AGAINST THE POOR. Do you know overall take them how many years to finish the course, its a great insult that such highly educated professionals married an uneducated wife, as they are first lover. I am watching Angel eyes for the 5th time this month. I especially can feel the warmth, passion and love when the songs are combined with certain scene. Wanting for KU HYE SUN and LEE SANG YOON to be real couple.

i first watched him in angel eyes, watched him again in goddess of fire. I love the way you look and smile it feels like pure and filled with love ... WATCH THE KOREAN DRAMAS AGAIN........it's all basically has the same STORY LINE....... Audience already been too patient to Goo Hye Sun, when she write this script she must go into search not to hurt those family members who are doctors, and go into specialisation, some study cancer and some specialised in kidney etc. With this drama it's hard for me to separate the drama from reality. Where as BOF Lee Min Ho, not once really to any thing to help her.

The way Yoon Ji-ryun represents the character of the mother, a woman who raises her son with humour, with gentleness, is a theme that is universal. Lee Sang Yoon portrays the real type of guy that girls should suppose to have a crush on. no offense meant fo the others, but for me he's beautiful scruffy look makes me attracted to him so much. Am so fascinated on the acting of Darren park ( angel's eyes). Believe you me I took the pain of watching it on a series and on a disc without English translation. I love the story and I am now a fan of Park Dong-joo... Just because actors/actress look good or looks like they are romantically in love DOESN'T mean it's true in reality.

Lee's rendering of his character's grief and love for his mother is truly touching. Saw him in two episodes of Running Man too, i found that he's a calm and a little bit shy person, yet adorable with his smile. I love your role in Angel Eyes, you are a very handsome, versatile actor. I mean there so many K-Pop superstars but for me he's the only guy that is really my type. Not much into Korean drama series but when I saw the first few episode of "Angel Eyes" starring Lee Sang-Yoon as Park Dong-joo and Ku Hye-sun as Yoon Soo-wan, I got totally hooked up until the end. Uneducated wives, first lovers, LOVE DOES NOT DEFINE gender, beauty, status, It comes with in. combination lee sang yoon and ku hye sun is perfect and awesome..!!

Her love for her son and for his special friend is in the writing of Yoon Ji-ryun, the source of the power of this series, and beautifully play by the two lead actors, who are surrounded by a large cast of characters who also add rich personalities to the ensemble. With all the hell his MOTHER put Geun dandi was just overwhelming. Lynn yee, The comment given by me TERISITA, August 2014, I wasn't by no means trying to BAD MOUTH Lee Min Ho, I have my own copy of BOF and I watch it all the time.

We (me, Chantal, and WHN) Was that Czechoslovakian you were speaking in episode 5 of Twnty Agn??? This time, I am struck by how good the younger male and female lead actors are. I played part of the episode with the basketball scene to my students : my female student indeed find Mr. I am struck by the power of the character of the mother, despite her death at the beginning of the series. I was referring to one of the scenes where Goyun po didn't want to look for Geun dandi cause he couldn't protect her from his MOTHER. I DON'T KNOW HER PERSONALLY OR EVEN SPOKE, TEXT WHAT HAVE YOU. I WAS SIMPLY CAPTIVATED WITH HER MOVIES, SHYNESS AND BEAUTY...... O:) That's is how RUMORS GET STARTED BY PUTING SHIT OUT THERE THAT'S NOT FREAKEN TRUE.

I just hope and pray they will end up for real in the near future.are so compatible..are charming and good looking..go go guys..deserve to be loved and be happy... The most important thing is..is capable to become an actor with that good looking face.

I love Lee Sang Yoon and Ku Hye Sun tandem..brought too much "kilig" (indescribable feeling of being in love) to those who look forward and follow their love story... I cant seem to get enough of our dong joo and soo wan couple. I cried, laughed ànd fell in love all at the same time while watching this drama. I hope someday youll date in real life cause you really look good together.

These characters seem real because of the goodness in them. He looks better than any Hollywood actor of his time. I hope to see more of his drama movies in lead role and I hope he will also be more active in his Facebook account to interact more with his international fans specially here in the Philippines :) Very HANDSOME indeed he's such a good actor. he makes you feel like you are part of the drama, making you feel his pain, anger esp. I hope both of them will be a couple in their real life.

All mothers and all sons, in all cultures can relate to this wonderful representation of sons should be raised. Have to watch again on a telenovela series on Abs-cbn : yet have not felt any inch of excitement to watch it several times. There will be a long cue just to see him in person. I love to watch romance drama, but only korean drama. I watch angel eyes for the 3rd times now because the story is very good and love to see park dong joo and soo wan as a couple.

Soo-Ah can't bare the 'rough bumpy flight' Jin-Suk brings her in, while Do-Woo can't stand the fucking lies life Hye-Won involves him to live in. Some people say YES to what they do, some yell extremely NO !!!


  1. The 51-year-old plays Robert, a former police protection officer trying to start a new life in gloomy Cumbria with his wife Katy, played by Marsha Thomason.

  2. A person who works in this field is called a prostitute, and is a type of sex worker.

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  4. The second season switched into a different style approach with episodes aired online, due to its online fan base and polls for upcoming episodes.

  5. Photos with beautiful single family home to assess your character.

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