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Earning a further £10 a week from this, he decided to sign off of social security, and would continue writing Maxwell the Magic Cat until 1986.

For the Man Who Has Everything he has been widely recognised by his peers and by critics.

He has occasionally used such pseudonyms as Curt Vile, Jill de Ray, and Translucia Baboon; also, reprints of some of his work have been credited to The Original Writer when Moore requested that his name be removed.

That had a profound effect on me." In the late 1960s Moore began publishing his own poetry and essays in fanzines, eventually setting up his own fanzine, Embryo.

Through Embryo, Moore became involved in a group known as the Northampton Arts Lab.

He later remarked that "I remember that what was generally happening was that everybody wanted to give me work, for fear that I would just be given other work by their rivals. The story, which Moore described as "continuing the tradition of Dennis the Menace, but giving him a thermonuclear capacity", Co-created with artist Ian Gibson, the series was set in the 50th century.

So everybody was offering me things." It was an era when comic books were increasing in popularity in Britain, and according to Lance Parkin, "the British comics scene was cohering as never before, and it was clear that the audience was sticking with the title as they grew up. The result, Skizz, which was illustrated by Jim Baikie, told the story of the titular alien who crashes to Earth and is cared for by a teenager named Roxy, and Moore later noted that in his opinion, this work "owes far too much to Alan Bleasdale." Another series he produced for 2000AD was D. The series was discontinued after three books due to a dispute between Moore and Fleetway, the magazine's publishers, over the intellectual property rights of the characters Moore and Gibson had co-created.

While the first few were rejected, Grant advised Moore on improvements, and eventually accepted the first of many. I was being offered short four or five-page stories where everything had to be done in those five pages.

Meanwhile, Moore had also begun writing minor stories for Doctor Who Weekly, and later commented that "I really, really wanted a regular strip. And, looking back, it was the best possible education that I could have had in how to construct a story." From 1980 through to 1984, Moore maintained his status as a freelance writer, and was offered a spate of work by a variety of comic book companies in Britain, namely Marvel UK, and the publishers of 2000AD and Warrior.

Not that I'm recommending it for anybody else; but for me it kind of – it hammered home to me that reality was not a fixed thing.

That the reality that we saw about us every day was one reality, and a valid one – but that there were others, different perspectives where different things have meaning that were just as valid.

The Arts Lab subsequently made significant contributions to the magazine.


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