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In most cases they won’t be visible to the naked eye in daylight (especially not at this dull time of year), but will come to life if a torch or a UV light is shone through the paper.

Some watermarks are intricate designs, and can be dated quite specifically – many of Bach’s manuscripts have been dated through the range of watermarks on the paper he used (see Wisso Weiss’ catalogue of Bach’s watermarks).

Now, I know this may not sound wildly exciting, but bear with me; trying to work out when exactly a piece of music was actually written down on paper, or published, sometimes needs the nose of a bloodhound, the detective skills of a Sherlock Holmes, and an inbuilt joy of puzzles.

This is about a much more important topic – dating printed music.

What if there’s no watermark, or it’s inconclusive?

Well, there are a range of other things you can investigate.

Yet when Strauss writes about them in The New York Times, they're thrilled." She also notes that "he does come to perceive one curious thing about the PUA's: They seem far more interested in spending time with fellow PUA's, amassing, refining and discussing the game, than actually getting to know women.

Call them SLB's (scared little boys)." Neil Strauss published a follow-up autobiographical work, The Truth: An Uncomfortable Book About Relationships, in 2015.

Some watermarks are even kinder to the music cataloguer, and are just a simple date.

These are how many of the Charles Dibdin songs in our collections have been dated.

He also uses "false time constraints" (a reason that the conversation could end very soon) to put the woman of interest in a situation where she must convince the man she is interesting, discusses how to very slowly increase the amount of physical contact, and more.

Strauss tells the story of his success, the spreading of the romantic community itself, and his life at "Project Hollywood", a high-end mansion and a lifestyle plan shared by Strauss, Mystery, Playboy, Papa, Tyler Durden, Herbal, and other members of the seduction community.

The book was published in a similar format to The Game, and features a contrasting white imitation leather cover.


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