Symantec client 10 2 not updating

Symantec also does not seem to destroy your processor speed like many others.

Second, Defender should NOT be running at all if a 3rd party security tool is installed. Please give me specific instructions on how to permanently disable Windows Defender and every notice it may give.

Symantec Endpoint Protection defends businesses from both malware and targeted attacks—protecting against new and unknown threats.

Management for full systems is still on the slow side, hopefully changes will come for this as well.

Most virus programs are in-your-face with warnings and anything else they can find to occupy screen space. You can scan when you want and what you want, and I'm assuming it's always keeping things in check in the background. -Easy to build rules and control users and machines.

First and foremost, they are an American company, always a plus.

Surprisingly for antivirus software that is hard to find.

With Symantec End Point Protection, your business is under huge security regarding malwares and virus.

The Management Console offers a lot of good tools such as monitoring, reports, client management.

-Firewall that can as web filtering software with customized rules for ports, links and domains.

-Managing Workstation resources and ports is so great feature.

I would recommend it to all organizations for securing their business networks without spending a lot.


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