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Johnny Bravo is an American animated television series created by Van Partible for the Cartoon Network.

Johnny accidentally joins the French Foreign Legion and soon finds himself on a game show in Ancient Egypt, where he must find a way through the desert with the help of a reluctant camel named Lawrence.

Johnny tries to get a date with a female hip-hop fan by claiming he knows "The Round Pound," her favorite group.

Johnny meets an amazing girl named Fluffy, only to find out she is actually a werewolf.

She promises that she will offer Johnny a great time if he can make it through one night with her transformed state.

While Suzy becomes ridiculously wealthy with her simple lemonade stand, Johnny goes through all manner of jobs in an effort to raise the cash he needs.

Johnny hits on a beautiful woman named Jane, who turns out to be a secret agent.Along the way, they must escape a great white shark named Buster (name unmentioned in the episode) who pretends he's Richard Nixon and later Martha Washington so he can eat swimmers.Johnny is brought before a courtroom to explain his actions from the previous day.Johnny, hoping to gain more muscle, buys a protein shake called "Uber Mass" from a shady scientist at the gym.He ignores the instructions in favor of drinking it all at once, and bloats up to a massively obese size.In a parody of Green Eggs and Ham (spoken entirely in verse), Little Suzy plays a Buttercup Scout who is determined to get Johnny to buy some of her delicious cookies.


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