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When she starts to object, he tells her he has faith in her.

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Since having begun to date Tatsumi, she has shown a jealous side, such as over Leone's usual flirty advances into Tatsumi, as well as lecturing him how he has to refuse such advances firmly as he now has a girlfriend.

At the same time, she has demonstrated being very worried about Tatsumi's well being, especially when he has not returned to the hideout (due to having been imprisoned) contemplating how she would have never thought she would become so anxious due to lack of contact with someone.

During his first days in Night Raid, Mine had a tendency to tease Tatsumi, due to him being the newest member, and often saying he wouldn't last.

Despite her cold exterior, she has shown to be warm and kind to those she has opened up to.

Having saved Mine, Sheele is immediately shot by Seryu and bitten in half by Koro.

Clinging onto life, Sheele orders Mine to escape before Seryu's back up arrives and activates her teigu's trump card allowing Mine to escape.

Mine wants there to be no racial discrimination, due to the fact because she is of half-foreign blood, which led her to being targeted by others as a kid.

Born and raised in the western borders of the Empire, Mine spent most of her childhood under harsh ridicule and misery from people for her half foreign blood.

During the battle, she would deal with Koro while Sheele goes after Seryu and because of this Mine is grabbed and suffers an injury.


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