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He was born William Peen Adair Rogers to a  well respected and relatively wealthy family, and was often hailed  as...

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Falkowski also entered into fraudulent kickback arrangements with two separate QVC vendors, who collectively paid Falkowski approximately $240,000 as his cut of the kickback arrangement.

Allegedly, Falkowski fraudulently abused QVC’s product requisition process to shower his friends and associates with at least tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of QVC products, all at QVC’s expense.

Some of Hollywood’s famous actors include Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and Tom Cruise.

Will Rogers    A Cherokee-Cowboy, Will Rogers was a popular Native American actor,  philanthropist, social commentator, Vaudevillian, comedian, and  presidential candidate.

SPEC earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in royalties from QVC, of which it kicked back approximately ,571.23 to Falkowski as his share of their fraudulent deal.

If convicted of all charges, Falkowski faces a potential advisory sentencing guideline range of 108-135 months in prison, three years of supervised release, a possible fine, and a ,300 special assessment. The case was investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and is being prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorney James Petkun.

This was because of the complications while I was at QVC.” TSG, which did business as “Domain Miami LLC” for its royalty deal with QVC, earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in royalties from QVC pursuant to the deal negotiated with Falkowski’s secret assistance, of which TSG kicked back approximately 0,981.73 to Falkowski as his share of their fraudulent deal.


  1. Gamatronic engineers are experts in development, custom design, and system support.

  2. After a few hours of intense conversation he ultimately decided that this relationship was not for him.

  3. With 1,784 athletes from 203 countries it was the biggest single sports event of the year.

  4. The equations used by scholars to determine the date when the last exposure happened are typically: Where De is the laboratory beta dose that induces the same luminescence intensity in the sample emitted by the natural sample, and DT is the annual dose rate comprised of several components of radiation that arise in the decay of natural radioactive elements.

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