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The first transaction took place the same day of the disaster - tells Rzeczpospolita – and this matter is already in the prosecutor’s office.Andrew Przekaznik had credit cards with him in the Presidential his country residence outside of Moscow on March 19, 2010, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, all smiles, surprised reporters by announcing that Russia would soon start up its nuclear reactor in the Bushehr plant in Iran.

Polish Law Enforcement Authorities have informed the Russians about this fact and the Russian Special Security forces apparently tracked down the thieves.

The Polish Police, however, does not know who they are and whether they were caught at all.

According to “Rzeczpospolita” they were not the only credit cards missing, but they have not been used yet.

‘Robbers apparently caught’ A group of Russian OMON officers, were arrested soon after the Smolensk crash having been caught with stolen credit credits cards in their possession , that were used the very same day.

However, after huge pressure from 16 Jewish leaders from 14 Jewish organizations, (there are thousands of them), and Israel’s recalcitrance, Obama dropped his demand only 2 months later.

on February 8, 2010, Vladimir Putin banned a fictional television series which “dramatized” the lives of Moscow schoolchildren with scenes of rebellion and depravity.The thieves took advantage of them in Smolensk the very same day of the disaster.The other two transactions were carried out two days later. As we begin the 21st Century, two leaders in the public eye, Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister of Russia, and Barack Obama, President of the United States of America, are vying for world wide recognition.The difference between the two heads of state is strikingly dissimilar if not poles apart.“We think it would be premature to go forward with any project at this time because we want to send an unequivocal message to the Iranians,” she told journalists.


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