Ayr dating

1779-1910 30 pages Extracts from OPR and census material.

1225-1995 12 pages Barclay of Gartly, Mathers BARCLAY see INGRAM. CAN c1870-1982 5 pages Family group sheet and copy of Barker Family Newsletter, December 1990 BAROES see BARWISE BARON see SETON BARR AYR.

BAUCHOPE see BUCHANAN 2 BAXTER ABD 1838-1891 Large collection of transcripts from the OPR, and some census material.

Tree with people in Portsmouth and emigrating to USA and Australia. BALLINGALL RFW 1340-1724 T 2 page A few notes, mainly from Black's Surnames. FIF 1750-1900 31 pages Typescript record of the family compiled 1894-1895 by Robert Balmain.

MLN 1710-1979 T Booklet on early Ballantynes - mostly American.

ANSTEY LONDON 1900-1972 T 1 page ANTHONY WLN 1860-1950 3 pages Family group sheet including ANDERSON, AULD, CRAWFORD, DICK, SHED, WARDROPE. APPLEBY 1696-1979 T 1 page of Acklington ARBUTHNOT SCOT 1450-1850 T 12 pages Largely from notes from Notes and Queries. KINNEAR ARCHIBALD ANS 1820-1974 T 2 pages ARCHIBALD see INGRAM. MURRAY 2 ARDERNE of HARDEN see THORLEY ARKLAY see RATTRAY ARMSTRONG RFW 1780-1850 T C OPR, census.

ANNANDALE SCOT Mainly research notes from OPR and Censuses.

CLK 1670-1998 T C Many Biographical sketches of members of this family. 'An Enterprising Family: The Balds of Alloa', by Isabel Grant Stewart. SC 1066-1990 T C Many Few notes on the Beatons or Bethunes. A collection of papers touching on the family of Balfour of Braidwood, with various photocopies of documents connected with an America branch of the family.

Millar's 'Fife, pictorial and Historical - Peoples, burghs, castles, mansions', 1892. Family tree of the family originating in Perth c.1740. ARMSTRONG AYR 1835-1992 T Also material on: BARWISE, BELL, DOUGLAS, GORDON, HETHERINGTON, LOUDON, Mc FARLANE, PEARSON, PORT, TURBET. MURCHISON ARNEIL /ARNIEL see CUZEN ARNOT DFS 1509-1700 T 2 pages Family of Barcaple ARNOTT see SPENCE ARMOUR DFS. ANDREW see LAMONT 2 ANGEAR see LEITCH 1 ANGUS ORK 1750-1991 Family group sheets. Also DENTON, Sunderland 1800-1900, and some material on CRAIG. ANDERSON -1971 LT 2 pages Descendants of Francis Anderson, Bent House, Soccoth, Farmer and shipbuilder. AULD 1655-1858 LT 1 AULD See ANTHONY AUSTIN AYR 1780-1900 T C Mainly OPR and census. STI 1733-1859 C Single letter and small sheet of notes. Extract from 'Familia', South African journal, on Andrew Geddes Bain, 1979-2864, and his descendants. Large family tree showing the descent of BAIN/BAYNE of Tulloch, Dingwall. BEARD see NAISMITH BEASLEY MDX 1900-1992 T 1 page BEATH ARL? Letters and research reports from Achievements Ltd. BELL of KIRKCONNEL & BLACKETHOUSE Photocopy of the booklet by Charles Davidson Bell, 1864, on the Chief family of the name.


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