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After the war she lived in London with her sister, and it is thought she worked for Camden council.

She moved to Torquay two decades ago, and was found dead by a caretaker at the flats where she lived.

Among items found in her home were discontinued French currency, dating back to the War, an array of correspondence written in French and a selection of medals.

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Eileen Nearne’s ingenuity again proved to be life-saving, because they were released after convincing their captors of their innocence.

The three women were hidden by a priest in Leipzig until the arrival of United States troops.

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The council is looking into the possibility of having her medals buried with her.

Her funeral is due to take place at Drakes Chapel, Torquay, at 11am on Sept 21.

She was in receipt of a pension and had a bank account.

Her statements have been passed to the Treasury solicitor who will reimburse the council for the cost of the funeral.

The Royal British Legion said last night it planned to be represented at the funeral to pay tribute to Miss Nearne.

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