What makes a good dating headline

She has a passion for fundraising and spent four years as a volunteer on the Welfare Committee of a large UK based charity close to her heart and assisted with the running of a volunteer based helpline.When Chloe´s not out and about filming or cutting content for XVenture, she enjoys painting and exploring Sydney, the city which has become her home.

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Creating a great online dating profile is more than just saying who you are and what your romantic desires are — there’s also some science to it.

Research done by Plenty of Fish says women who found a relationship through online dating used the word “relationship” and similar words 16% more often in their profiles than women who didn’t.

So, ladies, here’s how to write a dating profile to attract men, according to our years of experience and numerous studies we’ve looked into.

A couple of studies published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin and reported on by The Huffington Post shows confident, and even overconfident, online daters are considered more desirable. The studies also found that if you take it too far, then you’ll come off as arrogant instead.

In a past life, she spent time as an outdoor education instructor in the UK and a snowboard instructor in Canada.

In her spare time she is involved with charities like The Steve Waugh Foundation, and can be found patrolling North Bondi Beach as a surf lifesaver.

We all have some sort of list in our head about what we’re looking for in a date or partner, and that’s definitely something you should mention in your profile.

But you need to find that happy balance between saying what you want and appearing too picky.

Mike has a first degree and Masters in Business Administration, professional human resource and healthcare qualifications and is also a trained NLP practitioner and accredited Belbin and TMS practitioner.


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