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Testing is also recommended for gay and bisexual men and people who are HIV positive.

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And since the background rate of infection is so high in the black community, African-American women are especially at risk, Douglas said.

"It is quite clear that this increased rate of infection in African-American women is not due to increased risk behavior," he said.

This virus has been under consideration by Disease Control Authorities in order to prevent others from its effects. Jessica Alba is one of the most famous celebs with herpes.

Presumably, this virus was transmitted to her by her ex-boyfriend, Derek Jeter.

None is sure about the source as she had relationships with many of her male colleagues.

A very popular personality having fame from The Original Arthur, Cabaret, and The Muppets take Manhattan – Liza Minnelli – is one of the famous celebs of Hollywood Industry facing STD Herpes.Robin William Herpes is also most discussed topic now a days.A famous comedian, Robin Williams, loved equally all over the world is increasing the length of the list containing the names of Hollywood celebrities with Herpes.The new estimates come from the CDC’s National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), which is a nationally representative survey of U. Douglas, Jr., MD, who directs the CDC’s Division of STD Prevention, said in a news conference Tuesday at the 2010 National STD Prevention Conference in Atlanta."It is important that we promote steps to prevent the spread of genital herpes, not only because herpes is a lifelong and incurable infection, but also because of the linkage between herpes and HIV infection." Research shows that people with genital herpes are two to three times more likely to acquire HIV and they are also more likely to transmit HIV infection to others.Herpes (STI) – a viral disease spread due to herpes simplex virus – is of two types, HSV-1 & HSV-2.

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