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Tutanota is even unique in the fact that you can send end-to-end encrypted emails to any email provider via a shared password, making the email just as private even when contacting friends, family and business partners using mainstream providers like Gmail.By default, Tutanota automatically encrypts subject, body and attachments, something PGP does not do.

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You can be an activists, journalists, hacktivist or just plain privacy-lover and can easily be granted an account. Last on the list is Torguard, another secure email but this time developed by a leading VPN provider.

Torguard’s anonymous email service is their latest additional to their privacy product arsenal, offering up a secure inbox.

We asked one of the Tutanota co-founders what makes their secure email different, Matthias Pfau told us: One of the most secure emails on the market today is Shazzle Mail, but this is because they are doing things differently.

They are putting you back in the hands of your data, and we mean that quite literally.

That’s right, 17 years as of the time of writing this article.

What sets Hushmail apart from other providers is that they own and operate all of their own servers, meaning your data is never sent or stored on a third-party server, it’s all in house.

Rise Up was born and operated by a small collective of pro-privacy activists who have kept the service government free since 1999.

Even after previous run-ins with law enforcement no data has ever been seized or read by any third-party or government entity.

Another secure email provider dominating the list is Tutanota, because it’s different in the fact that the entire mailbox is encrypted, email and contacts, all end-to-end encrypted only giving you access to your data.


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