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If that isn’t enough to induce a stroke, she is telling me it is completely acceptable for my package to be shipped from the destination city to a hub 4 hours both, then flown back to the destination city. On Friday when I noticed my package stuck in a warehouse I called, was told that the website was wrong and that it was on a plane, they lied, still stuck in a warehouse 4 days later! Finally, on 12/18, after waiting all day, I changed the delivery to pick-up.

This happened twice last night, and I am told I just don’t fully understand a map. Was told the shipper failed to send it 2 day express, well my receipt says 2 day express, extra charge for residential delivery and extra charge for Saturday delivery. At this point I may have a slight chance of my perishable product still being viable (not much) I just need it delivered to find out. Arrival Scan Charlotte, NC, United States 12/18/2017 P. I went to the Forest Park UPS station on 12/19 and stood outside in a line for 1 hour to pick up my package. Reply Hello i work for the UPS in STRATFORD , CT , about 2 weeks ago i got diagnosed with stomach Cancer and the Supervisor his name is JOHN and works at the PINK BELT makes fun of me about it and tells everyone , is pretty f-ed and everyone laugh at me at work and talks about me , i never new a Supervisor from UPS will make fun of someone having stomach Cancer , i have no idea how Cancer is funny well John think it is , i fell bad of myself to tell the higher ups in the UPS were i work at , this s**t needs to stop his to be fired, but or course no one is going to do anything about , i have a kid to feed so i go to work everyday. The HIPPA law restricts releasing any medical information, unless you gave them permission to.

On Tuesday 12/19/17 I checked the UPS site to track my package (see below). They were then unable to deliver due to the weather.

It showed that the package was “OUT FOR DELIVERY TODAY” which was Tuesday 12/19. Then it was the weekend and they don’t want to work.

We are now on day 13 without this important delivery as my life is on the line. I will be filing a police report (hey after holding my item for 2 weeks and not allowing me to have what I have paid for, I consider theft), I will also be contacting the BBB, the Attorney Generals Office Consumer Protection Division, the Insurance Commissioner, the DOT and every news station in the Atlanta area.

Reply I was hit by a car on UPS property and was told that nothing can be done because it’s not a UPS truck, they further said I have to go through the insurance of the guy who physical hit me walking in to work on Friday morning at 305am Reply This is ridiculous, this is the 5th day in a row, UPS saying your package will be delivered today, only to find out at the end of the day it was DELAYED AGAIN! If your not able to perform your job, stop pretending. A perishable package went out for 2 Day Air Delivery. Package was called back by the Sender After 8 Days of it still sitting in a facility instead of being Delivered. Then the Sender attempts yet another 2 Day Air Delivery replacement package this past Monday.

its ok just keep it– but please send package 1zyy1650pg46362017 Reply I paid for 2 day delivery $60 6 days later i still do n9t have my package i have videoed the driver pulling up to my building getting out of the truck empty handed and place the info notice on the door and get back in the truck and pull off not even ringing the bell. Reply I had a package (important medication) that was to be delivered on 12/7.

Because his lazy ass doesn’t want to walk up the steps.had several conversations with the call center and corporate office to the point corporate has sent me a bouquet of flowers KEEP YOUR DAMN FLOWERS I WANT MY PACKAGES Reply I had ordered a package on 12/17/17. They ran out of time to deliver it even though snow was predicted (in Georgia) for the following day.In 1913, the company purchased their first delivery car, a Ford Model-T.The company merges with another delivery company and becomes Merchants Parcel Delivery. Moka Mora And Luna Star - Please Give Us Anal Moka's friend has been dating her boyfriend for a little over a year, and from the moment Moka saw him she has had a huge crush on him. DVDRip.x264-WOP Cast: Dana De Armond , Aurora Snow , Adrianna Nicole , Ashley Blue , Vanessa Monet , Michelle Avanti , Desiree Diamond , Claire Adams Read the rest of this entry ...I still don’t have my package and it’s Friday 12/22/17. I called C/S which is NOT in the United States, but in another country. Going forward I will NOT do business with any company that ships the items that I order through UPS! It’s time for Americans to step up and use our buying power (money) to work/buy from companies that are truly American companies and have C/S here in America, so that we can understand them when they speak! The following week it was out for delivery on the truck every day but they never made it to my house.

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