Updating java applet

In BI 4.0 the applet is split into over 60 single jar files.This has some benefits from a code development and maintenance perspective but can also cause some performance degradation when mixed with some of the new security features enforced by Java by default with newer versions of the JRE.KBA 1904873 - Web Intelligence Rich Internet Applet loads slower after installing Java 7 Update 25 (JRE 7u25 ) and above talks about this in more detail The good news is that starting with and above, the RIA has been consolidated back into a single jar file.

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This architecture change has added some extra work for the JRE in some cases and may occasionally result in slower initial load times.

The good news is that with BI 4.1 SP03 and above, the architecture was revert back to a single JAR file that is friendlier to some of the security changes that have been made in the Java Runtime. This wiki page will go into detail on some tips, tricks and known issues that can affect the performance and load time of the RIA designer.

This meant that each time the applet loaded for a client, only 1 check would be done to validate that the applet was, or was not, available in the local JRE cache.

This also meant that only 1 check would be done for security measures such as Online Certificate Revocation.

This OCSP setting enables the JRE to validate the certificates of JAR files using online sources such as

In some environments, these checks can take anywhere from 1/10 of a second per check to 5 seconds per check.

Loading the Java Control Panel (JCP) from the Windows Control Panel will often load the 64-bit version of the JCP which is not the version we want to change in most cases.

Most browsers are 32-bit and will load a 32-bit JRE so be sure to make this change on the right JRE.

KBA 1975294 - In Business Intelligence 4.1, when using the webi Rich intelligent applet, it takes a long time to open talks about this change as well Starting around Java Runtime Environment 7 Update 25 (JRE 7u25) a change to the default security options of the client side JRE was made by Oracle.

In the latest versions of the JRE, an option called Online Certificate Status Protocol is enabled by default.

Multiply that by 60 jar files and you see a noticable delay when loading our Rich Internet Applet.


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