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The result was a quick loading applet as the overhead was quite a bit less.Fast forward to the BI 4.0 world and the RIA architecture was modified.For General Performance Related Tips and Tricks on Webi, please see this SCN Doc DOC - Tips for Optimizing the Performance of Web Intelligence Documents Some of the older versions of the Rich Internet Applet (RIA) did unnecessary codebase lookups which could add additional load time as the applet attempted to search needlessly for some classes or resources.

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Below are the steps to use when troubleshooting JRE caching issues.

This is perhaps the most important thing you can verify on your client side.

Multiply that by 60 jar files and you see a noticable delay when loading our Rich Internet Applet.

I talk about this above as well but its worth repeating.

This meant that each time the applet loaded for a client, only 1 check would be done to validate that the applet was, or was not, available in the local JRE cache.

This also meant that only 1 check would be done for security measures such as Online Certificate Revocation.Loading the Java Control Panel (JCP) from the Windows Control Panel will often load the 64-bit version of the JCP which is not the version we want to change in most cases.Most browsers are 32-bit and will load a 32-bit JRE so be sure to make this change on the right JRE.KBA 1975294 - In Business Intelligence 4.1, when using the webi Rich intelligent applet, it takes a long time to open talks about this change as well Starting around Java Runtime Environment 7 Update 25 (JRE 7u25) a change to the default security options of the client side JRE was made by Oracle.In the latest versions of the JRE, an option called Online Certificate Status Protocol is enabled by default.I've seen customers cursing because of 1-2 minute load times on their system and just simply disabling this one option can often take that down to 5-10 seconds.


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