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Most of us don’t grow up with an older sister who is gay.

We wake up in a dark world like, “oh my god, what’s this thing that I am?

And, what we found people responded to in the [pre-taped] video blogs was the Real Jill and the Real Cathy, our real opinions and our real stories, not a canned, carefully created, crafted persona that a PR person tells you to put forward.

At this point, even if we didn’t want to, it’s too late!

I really wanted to do that episode because I had seen something on CNN that day and also because of our own experiences having gone through it.

Admission is $10 and doors open at 7pm with a hosted bar and show beginning at 8pm.

Last month, I had the opportunity to go on set with Jill Bennett & Cathy De Buono and managed to steal them away for a little chat.

Showcasing comedy and storytelling by some of LA’s prominent lesbian entertainers, it will include a bit of knife juggling because, why not?

Gay women’s spaces and places are disappearing faster than kittens at a lesbian pet adoption fair.It’s interesting because before the video blogs, before I even started on After Ellen, I had done press.I had managers come and go, and agents who would advise me on what to talk about, things not to talk about, and frankly, it got a little tiring trying to manage certain topics and honestly, there’s a freedom in being like – it’s out there and I don’t have to hide anything.I asked the question because they were owed the opportunity to finally close this much speculated chapter in their own words. But, at the same time, I think I’ve never felt more myself in my own life.I feel really good about continually finding my own truth and continually being able to share whatever that is.And Jill and I are so not afraid to let our imperfections, flaws and our biases show.


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