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Create your FREE profile and you're on your way to meeting new and interesting people that are eagar to meet you!Uldum (25), Twilight Highlands (15), The Jade Forest (8), Borean Tundra (7), Krasarang Wilds (7), Tol Barad Peninsula (7), Valley of the Four Winds (7), Howling Fjord (6), Crystalsong Forest (4), Sholazar Basin (4), Dragonblight (2) and Grizzly Hills.I had in mine in the chartreuse color with a trailer hook.

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Hop, bounce and swim this bait around deep cover for a vibrating, deep water assault.

The Z-Man Original Chatterbait is quickly becoming a must-have in every pro's tackle box.

This allows you to put the bait in heavy cover where fish live. It can be worked shallow or deep, and in a variety of different ways.

Remove the skirt and trailer and try a soft plastic jerkbait. When fish are holding close to the bottom, try adding a spider jig or creature bait.

From: Comments: love every type of the chatterbait from Zman.

Even though the original dosent have a keeper for the skirt or trailer, it catches fish. From: Comments: These are great lures, they straight up Catch fish.

I like to stick to white, green pumpkin, and black and blue you can't go wrong with those three colors.

I would also add a different trailer because there is many better ones out there than the one it comes with.

Tied this on and ended up catching 4 bass at least 4 pounds each.

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