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She's clearly just into cosplay for the potential money and fame.93658She's so fat yet has such a flat ass? That last bottom picture tho is that bad makeup or just bad skin…

she's nothing special so no I'm absolutely not jealous of her at all.

She knows if she pretends to like boobs the horndog level of her pathetic fans goes through the roof. She's not gonna get anywhere if she lets shit like this get to her.99898I've never done any of those things, and all of my past relationships were with men, but I masturbate and fantasize mostly about women. "Oh I'm this Arab chick with super religious parents" bitch they would have disowned your ass by now.

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Why do these snowflakes think it's a good idea to associate their real names with their revealing or nude photos?

Her future employers are going to see this shit since her Twitter is what comes up when you google her name.everyone wants to debate on whether or not her body is hot (i personally think she's a hambeast relying on waist cinchers) but when will we address the elephant in the room with that god awful man face We could always add the fact that she's not a geek at all.

She gained notoriety for her Zero Suit Samus cosplay and she’s already got a Patreon going and is trying to hock prints.

Nicknamed Thick Samus, Momokun is just plain old fat.93622Honestly she's eh.

Some people have higher standards and different tastes.

I can see the appeal to her but I feel like in person she's kind of gross.The biggest thing that annoys me is she is having sexually suggestive convos with other females. All girls do it tho, fake bisexuality for attention. I'm bisexual and I've had relationships with women in the past, dating a guy now but its still besides the point. Go back to not caring what others think like you state so often. The thing is, if she's a genuine person she will stop caring what other people think so much.People who fake bisexuality are the worst type of people. Either that or its the two new cosplayers she met online that are dickriding her fifteen minutes of fame so hard XDHaha this thread is cancer in the purest form. She needs to lose weight plain and simple if she wants to be as famous as Nigri. Only people who aren't genuine and have something to hide go around trying to defend themselves everywhere they go.In my honest opinion she is, her thighs are so huge that they just turn into an ass there's no definition line or a curve between her ass and her thighs its just a continuous line.And I saw her corset in the Samus suit from a mile away.TL; DR: this flat assed hambeast is nothing special.93693it's cream or cake frosting she wiped on her face to try to look sexy. So if you ask a woman what she thinks is an attractive woman, you get some beanpole because its non threatening.


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