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This lantern was most likely used for signaling by a brakeman or conductor with this type of handle.

0011 0010 This lantern was made between 19 for the Louisville and Nashville Railroad.

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Because the brass had all but worn off and it was starting to rust, the lantern was bead blasted clean and clear coated as seen in the last two photos.

0050 This is an earlier Kero, having a stamped date on the bottom as 4-36, meaning it was made in the 4th quarter of 1936.

Adlake does continue to produce a few of its lanterns and parts, but these are not the original Adlake heavy duty lanterns.

They are lighter duty lanterns, designed mostly for show or display.

Because these lanterns were made in such large numbers through recent decades, they are a common sight on the used lantern market.

They also work very well for people, like myself, who like to use and light up their collection.

This one still has most of its original plating and is in fairly good shape.

0040This lantern was made for the Chicago & Northwestern Railway.

Adlake Patents that relate to the Kero style lanterns of the early 1920s.


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