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By Cy Ryan LAS VEGAS SUN March 27, 2014 CARSON CITY – The Nevada Supreme Court has upheld a million judgment against former Las Vegas strip club owner Rick Rizzolo in a case where a customer was beaten and left paralyzed in a dispute over an bar tab.

I first broke this story in 1999, concerned that organized crime had infiltrated the Clark County DA's Office, state judiciary, and the LV Metro Police Department.

My stories made national news and helped inspire investigations by the FBI and IRS.

Barrier died a mysterious death the day after Rick Rizzolo was released from prison.

"The Ghost of Buffalo Jim" can be heard by clicking HERE.

On June 30, 2008, the bar's grand fathered adult use zoning finally expired.

Rizzolo's criminal activities were photographed and reported on a daily basis by his next door neighbor, garage owner James "Buffalo Jim" Barrier, and American photographer Mike Christ.

On September 6, 2006, the Las Vegas City Council unanimously voted to permanently revoke Rizzolo's liquor license and fine him .2 million dollars.

This could not have happened had Mayor Oscar Goodman presided over the hearing.

ere are links to a chronological list of links to articles including many that comment on the relationship between Las Vegas politicians, law enforcement officials, underworld figures, and Frederick "Rick" Rizzolo, the purported owner of the Crazy Horse Too topless bar.

The Crazy Horse Too, unlike any other adult business in Vegas, until its closure in July 2007, was the repeated scene of violence, prostitution, extortion, and coercion.

Meanwhile, as the extortion and violence continued, our former mob lawyer-turned-mayor, Oscar Goodman, coddled Mr.

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